How Zechariah Vision Take Concern Us Today

The word ministry can be defined as anything done in the name of the Lord that adds value to other people or things. In 1492 the Spanish Jews were driven out of Spain, that was the very same year that Columbus opened up the new country almost as if God were at the time that the Jews were being driven out of Spain opening up a place for oppressed people such as they.
In Zechariah 1:15, the red-horse rider vision is the first of the eight and a key vision supporting the other visions that follow it. In that vision God makes is quite clear that He is very displeased with the Gentile nations because of their treatment of Israel and implied that a punishment would be coming to them.

And this is the problem with the prophetic; I am using this case as an example, but usually when I get visions or dreams like this one I do not tell them to anyone, and many times they turn out to be just that, a vision or a dream without any worth, yet other times they come to pass, and I can only pray.
Come you that profess to be God's people, if you have been negligent in the duties of your high calling, and if your hearts at this moment are going after vanity, pray God the Holy Spirit to put you into a proper state to perform the functions of your holy office, and now in the courts of the Lord's house, stand like Joshua, with your hearts prepared by the Lord of Hosts to minister before the Lord.
In other words the Lord had just sent the company of men or angelic beings upon the red horses, the sorrel horses or bay horses and the white horses on a patrolling mission and they have gone to and fro throughout all the earth and they have come back with their report.

Now, in the second division of this book, which begins in the seventh verse of the first chapter and does not conclude until the end of the sixth chapter the prophet describes for us eight apocalyptic visions, by apocalyptic I mean primarily symbolic visions, which he had apparently in one night.
Also, the national discipline of God is a reason for anti-Semitism, Renoir said, Common sorrow unties man more than common joy.” But unity is more than in the mind of God when he disciplines Israel, he has sent them out among the nations for discipline and that discipline is designed to bring them to a place of obedience.
By ending here, the rabbis are really cutting this speech off in the middle, since verse 7 continues God's speech, which describes Zerubbabel leveling a mountain to produce an excellent stone see it (probably a reference to the Temple.) Instead, the rabbis chose to end with a call to Zerubbabel, the heir to the Davidic kingdom, to rule with the spirit of God and not to attempt force.

Jewish Sages interpret this verse to mean that just as it is easy to injure someone by touching or poking the pupil of one's eye (a most sensitive part of the body), so too God is injured when His people Israel are harmed in even the slightest manner and thus receive His divine retribution.
And yet, with vivid oracles and other-worldly visions, the post-exilic prophets declare that Israel's God is sovereign over even the greatest empires of this world, and that he is powerfully guiding all of history toward his appointed goal of blessing his people through the work of his Messiah.
The most striking feature of First Zechariah is a series of visions in which the prophet describes the centrality of Jerusalem, its Temple, and its leaders, who function both in the politics of the region and of the Persian empire and in God's universal rule.

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