Ways To Punch A Hole In A Leather Belt

At present I will likely be supplying you with a fast guide to fixing the belt that you've which may be too huge or too small with only items that you've got lying around the house. Many baggage and belts are made out of genuine Leather,” which sounds good and legit, but is actually the third grade of Leather from the most effective. Genuine Leather is usually painted to appear nicer than it is, and won't be able to take the years of wear and tear and tear of a nicer grade. It is the perfect grade you can buy, and the reason an Previous Navy belt can cost $17 and a designer belt costs $one hundred fifty. Happily for us, making our own full grain Leather belt is tremendous straightforward, and super cheap. Belt Hold, $1 The little Leather loop that holds the surplus belt length when fixed.
This DIY is applicable for all types of materials or supplies used for making belts, so whether or not you employ a Leather material like I did and even one thing like canvas or cotton, this tutorial might be good for you! Buckles vary in all totally different sizes, types, and widths, and whatever buckle you utilize will be essential to deciding what measurement your belt will likely be. The buckle I used is the bronze one in the picture above, so any measurements I speak about specifically are designed for that one.

I warmth the nail over the stove, drive it with pliers, bend the belt on the outlet and smoothen edges with sand paper. Sadly, should you put a lot pressure on it, the uneven Hole will permit the Leather to tear quite easily. Lay the belt down on a flat floor, wrong facet up. Measure how far aside the pre-minimize belt holes are to be able to place the brand new belt holes correctly. For the sake of aesthetics, you must put in holes as much as the purpose of the specified closure point.
Follow on the very finish (that you'll minimize off later) to get a really feel for how the drill and Leather interact. Seems like the Tandy Leather web site retailer has gone kaput, the belt clean and belt keep links don't work any longer. Tom, Unfortunately it appears like this published across the similar time Tandy did a worth increase on the belt clean. Tom: $7 balm + $1 hold + $2 buckle + $19 belt clean = $29 - $10 from code = $19. I have already got Sno Seal at residence and wish to keep away from buying the Leather Balm if it does the identical thing.

Take a tape measure and determine the width of your hips, or wherever your belt will be sitting whenever you put on it. Whatever number you give you, add about 8-10″ in. This needs to be the length of the material to your belt altogether! This cloth has a backing and is thick sufficient with just one layer, so I solely wanted to chop one piece for the belt. With this Leather material, I wished to trim the sides so the edges lined up properly with the squares of the basketwoven strips. You also needs to take the time to double-verify that your strip of material for your belt will match now that it is trimmed down.
Mark out the place you need the new Hole, and put the knife at the marker and rotate gently. Once, it manages to pierce to the opposite finish, start rotating it, while simultaneously drilling in; until the outlet of desired measurement(or diameter) is punched in. To maintain the belt consistant you are going to need to measure out the exsisting holes. In my case they have been an inch appart, so I measured an inch from the last Hole and made a mark with the sharpie. To create the hole take the nail and place it on the mark you made, then take the your scrap piece of wooden to hammer the nail by means of the belt.
If the new spot isn't exactly on a measured place, create a Hole slightly beyond that time. After checking the dots one more time for accuracy, place the belt within the Leather punch device. Lining up the slicing point and the outlet, clamp down on the tool as arduous as doable to punch the outlet. After cutting the holes, brush off the excess Leather and try the belt on for size. Make certain that the holes are giant sufficient that the buckle prong can fit by way of fully. Secure the belt to the desk and place one thing beneath the belt first to protect the end.

This DIY is applicable for every type of fabrics or supplies used for making belts, so whether you utilize a Leather materials like I did and even one thing like canvas or cotton, this tutorial will probably be good for you! Buckles range in all different sizes, styles leather hole punch, and widths, and no matter buckle you use will be crucial to deciding what measurement your belt will likely be. The buckle I used is the bronze one in the picture above, so any measurements I speak about particularly are designed for that one.
It must be thinner than the width you used to your belt and lengthy enough to wrap across the width of your belt with a little bit additional to overlap with. Measure about 1.5″ in. on the tip of the squared tail end of your belt and mark this spot within the center of the belt's width and then use your grommet Hole cutter to punch a Hole into the spot you marked. Except, some of them could be a little awful on the the actual belt half at occasions.

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