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YBN Cordae is kicking off the summer with some new heat featuring Chance The Rapper North Carolina and Chicago connect on "Bad Idea," a track that will live on Cordae's upcoming project, The Lost Boy, which he's been hard at work on for some time. The song disproved the idea that young rappers no longer care about lyrics; Cordae told XXL earlier this year that his early influences were Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z, and Big L, yet his other songs that have since cropped up, including the Cole Bennett-shot video for Scotty Pippen,” have also become huge hits among the younger crowd — Scotty” has 5 million views as of this writing and the song only dropped two weeks ago.
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You do a song this month and then three months later you do another song, so the album may not come out until two years later sometimes. Source links back to all the beat makers videos discovered from Youtube. Listen to YBN Cordae's "Bad Idea" featuring Chance The Rapper below.
Following Cordae's rebranding as YBN Cordae, the rapper began making waves with an update of Eminem's My Name Is” in May 2018, the first salvo in a shrewd marketing plan. Hip hop beats untagged to test your rap skills. Tay K, a viral rapper now permanently submerged beneath the United States Legal System, had beaten him to the viral party by minutes, but his exit came swiftly thanks to his past re-entering his life.

YBN Cordae — born Cordae Amari Dunston and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina — started to blow up when his single Old N—-s” became a Youtube sensation. We've heard Nahmir, Jay, and Cordae weave in and out of each other's songs to create a full spectrum of rap in the new-age; bringing their talents together for one project should be interesting.
He may be the most traditional rapper of his generation, falling back on pre-established rhyme schemes and verbal tics to craft light lyrical sermons that have went a long way in re-establishing lyricism as a tenant of contemporary hip-hop culture. Cordae's presence on the trio's collaborative September release, YBN: The Mixtape , is limited to five of 23 tracks, yet songs like the racial-profiling tale Target” only augmented the demand for more music from the promising wordsmith.
In rap music, collectives are often created out of necessity, whether it's to establish a necessary atmosphere and brotherly love or to birth collective opportunities in the pursuit of fame. The mantra that "the industry is fake" is constantly dumped on us day in and day out; seeing two artists who showcase a realistic look at friendship makes fans of hip-hop tune in.

What changed everything for me from wanting to be a person that sang over harder beats, was Aaliyah's Rock the Boat.” I didn't really want to come in and change nothing, I just wanted to make an album that sounded like Rock the Boat,” because that song reminds me of a time I was nostalgic to when I was young in New Orleans and all these sounds, they felt so good.
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And while YBN Almighty Jay and, more recently, YBN Cordae have begun making names for themselves in their own right, I was surprised to learn while writing this post that there are actually ten whole members of the crew and maybe more. Ybn Cordae Ablum Download Ybn Cordae Ablum MP3 for free YBN Cordae Source youtube YBN Nahmir Pain Away Ft YBN Cordae (Official Music Video) Source youtube Play Stop Download Recent Search Ybn Cordae Ablum Hey Dj Cnco Ft Yandel Titanic Theme.
But one thing's certain: the triumvirate of YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordae have been the trident thrusting the group into new levels of eminence at every turn. Even by today's standards, YBN Nahmir 's rise to rap stardom was extremely quick. When the 18-year-old Birmingham, Alabama native dropped his "Rubbin Off The Paint" video last September, all the viral elements were present: a Pi'erre Bourne type beat, a line that some falsely interpreted as a Tay-K diss , a Rick and Morty simile.

Posts about YBN Cordae Scottie Pippen written by Music Lyrics Zone Instrumental Lyrics Video Mp3 Download Mp3 Music Lyrics Latest Music Video Entertainment Updates. Cordae has been on a tear since then, possibly even besting both Jay and Nahmir in terms of relevancy.

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