Guide on Buying Property in Turkey for Foreigners

The real estate residing in the Yildiz Neighborhood is within walking distance of all types of amenities. Antalya Homes ® offers an unbelievable campaign for the apartment in a modern project in Umraniye. The project has luxurious features like pools, saunas, and gyms.
"People seeing housing as a means of defence against inflation was instrumental in the sharp sales rise in November," said TSKB Real Estate Appraisal general manager Makbule Yonel Maya, adding that lower state banks loan rates had an impact. With experts in every part of the world, we are local everywhere, allowing us to walk alongside our clients at every stage of their journey. With innovative technology and unrivaled service, we ensure that your home is connected with buyers, locally and worldwide. Fuelled by ideas, expertise and dedication across borders and beyond service lines, we create real estate solutions to prepare our clients for what’s next.

There aren’t any restrictions on foreign property ownership in Portugal. The government encourages foreign ownership of property there. When looking for an apartment in Portugal, you might find confusing numbers next to the ads such as T0, T1, T2, and so on. So, a T1 would be a one-bedroom apartment, while a T2 would be an apartment with two bedrooms.
The Silver Coast, which is situated between Lisbon and Porto, also has some pristine beaches and properties. If you want a beachfront property, but are unwilling to pay the Algarve’s high ticket prices, then areas on the Silver Coast such as Tomar, Peniche, Obidos, or Nazare are right for you. Like the rest of the world, Portugal suffered through many economic troubles in the past. The real estate market got its share of the 2008 global economic downturn. The average value of homes lost around 11% between 2011 and 2012.
We care to create long-term relationships with our customers, and that’s why we have Thousands of Happy Customers. Our knowledge of all the requirements of buying a property in Turkey gives buyers comfort. Our offices are located in Lara , Konyaaltı , Alanya, Belek, Cevizlibağ (İstanbul Europe), Göztepe (İstanbul Asia), Bursa, Yalova, Trabzon, Ankara, Bodrum, and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. You can visit one of our offices for a cup of coffee and experience Turkish hospitality. After finding the perfect one, you need to deal with the procedures.

Many people will not be comfortable with the idea of investing in Turkey. Recently, Turkey disclosed that they’re probably going to raise the price of the program. But they’d only be doing that if they felt they could comfortably get that. So, if you need a quick solution for accessing the US, a Turkish passport might be just the thing.
An increase in investment means that there is a greater need for commercial properties to be used as offices, shops, etc. With 20+ years experience in Turkish real estate, we are the market leaders in sourcing property for sale in Turkey for lifestyle and investment buyers. I have a pleasant experience in buying three studio units in Turkey. I am motivated but being a foreigner, entirely clueless on how to make it happen. I made the right choice in working with them and Mr. Hakan Onal made sure I can do all the process in ONE day of my visit. As of the moment, I got the title deed for all the properties and in the process of applying for Turkish citizenship - all through their help.

"I just wanted to go to a place where they genuinely cared about me," said Jones, who consulted with Sun teammate DeWanna Bonner before committing to Mersin. Jones will play alongside Bonner and fellow WNBA star Tiffany Hayes this upcoming season. Sopron was a logical choice for Vandersloot, who obtained Hungarian citizenship in 2016. Quigley will not play, but she and their dog will accompany Vandersloot to Hungary. "I just look at it as, I'm lucky I got four years to play for really big money and it helped me financially. It set us up really well for the future," said Vandersloot, who is married to Quigley, who also plays for Chicago. "But also it's just an opportunity to play. ... I like to play year-round."
What’s unique about Porto is that it offers various types of properties to choose from. You can, for example, choose the Foz Douro neighborhood, which boasts some of the best Atlantic beachfront properties that you can ever find. On the other hand, if you’re looking for commercial properties, you might want to check the Ribeira neighborhood.
If you don’t speak any Turkish, you can check out trustworthy websites such as Property Turkey, Spot Blue, and Buy Property Istanbul to work with people who are used to helping expats. The companies will also set up a viewing trip with one of their advisors so you can really get a sense of the city and the kind of property you’re looking for. If you do speak Turkish, websites such as Sahibinden and Hürriyet Emlak are the most popular listings for properties on sale in Istanbul according to specific filters.

And while Antalya is a popular tourist destination, Bodrum, and other popular resort towns are also great investments. All of them have a high profit potential and are the perfect location for a holiday home. When it comes to finding a property in Turkey, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Homeowners who make improvements to their homes can deduct the cost of these upgrades in their tax return. However, the type of improvements you can make to your home can affect the amount of money you can deduct. For example, repairs can help restore the condition of your home, but capital improvement projects add value and extend the life of your home.
The interiors have wood-framed windows, rustic stone walls, oak and tile floors, and hefty oak ceiling beams. Once you’ve chosen your property it’s time to face the bureaucratic side of things, which can sometimes get a little difficult. Make sure to check out this guidance page by The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get an idea. However, it’s advised to seek out professional legal advice before you move forward so that you don’t run into any messy situations. We know our local market, schools and communities — both as agents and neighbors. Use our search below to find a RE/MAX® agent or contact us so we can connect you with someone that will be the perfect fit for your needs.

Before you commit to an agent, you should make sure that they are reputable, certified, and have the license to operate this business. The easiest way to check this is to look them up online, find their website and office address and read reviews. Since March 2017, foreigners are exempt from paying value-added tax for their first commercial or residential property in Turkey. This is attached to the condition that they spend in a foreign currency and do not sell the house within 12 months after receiving the title deed. Buying a home overseas can be a nerve-wracking experience – especially when considering factors such as a foreign language, new laws, and a foreign property market. Realista Turkey is an Istanbul based real estate company that understands the expectations of investors and produces tailor-made solutions with more than 15 years of experience.

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