LAS VEGAS — Big-field shops will not be the one ones offering discounts to consumers in Las Vegas this Black Friday. Beginning 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, 2017 Las Vegas residents and tourists, 21 years or older, can legally buy Cannabis merchandise Las Vegas Dispensary from the Essence-Strip and Essence-West areas. Media are invited to broa… Read More

I wished to buy a stun gun to keep with me inside my car for protection. I am not exactly confident about keeping a pistol and assumed a stun weapon would be a fantastic technique to protect myself and keep inside my automobile just in case I would require it. I went on the internet and started seeking for one. I came across a really great stun gun… Read More

When speaking about survival gear, the first thing that pops up to mind are the numerous kinds of knives that you would need to have to be able thrive in the wild, but then McGyver comes to mind and you can’t help but imagine the sole thing you will need to survive outdoors is a handy dandy Swiss knife. We'll you can't fault people.Nonetheless, … Read More

I had been browsing around on self-defense websites a few days ago because I wanted to get a Taser gun. I came across an advert for a Taser Pulse gun and thought this seemed really cool. I went to the site it was available for purchase and read some ratings from people who were rather satisfied with it. After reading this stuff, I went ahead and or… Read More

Do you need to have a way to protect yourself ? Every one of us do. Here is exactly why you should get a Taser for defense. It is powerful enough to knock a bad guy down and keep them subdued for a long time for you to escape. In other words, it is not deadly and won't produce severe injury to a bad guy. However, it is powerful enough to defend you… Read More